Med Alliance Educational Consultancy

We would like to take this auspicious opportunity to introduce you to our very own company, Med Alliance Educational Consultancy. A new and exhilarating Education Counselor dedicated to be the students’ primary choice in organizing and planning their academic future and determined to contribute to the betterment of the society through quality European Education System.

Our determined counselors have not only studied in Ukraine themselves but also stayed there for about 15+ years which is one of the most important sides to empathize with the student’s needs. Our MD and counselors regularly meet students to keep up their well being.
Med Alliance Educational Consultancy is a comprehensive all-in-one service platform for current and future students to explore a new country and experience an entirely different study pattern.

Our Managing Director Dr. Tarun Nanda is an active practising Physician at the dept. of Dermatology of the prestigious University who plays a major role in guiding the students abroad as well as their parents in India. We ensure that our counselors are always active and answer any sort of queries at the earliest.

Furthermore, our fundamental objective is to, by all means, help future students find the right educational placement to enhance their academic, professional and personal lives. We achieve this objective by providing all time comprehensive assistance.
We organize a mandatory pre-departure meet for all our students and even their parents to resolve any doubts or fears before you actually fly to your preferred destination. We shall ensure that you know exactly what to do once you have landed. We personally arrange airport pickup and drop at the desired destination. We even provide sim cards with international call facility to get in touch with their parents immediately once they’ve landed. Our relationship does not end once you fly away. It just starts all over again.


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